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The 7 Mentalities Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Gamal AcreeComment
The 7 Mentalities Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

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You know no one ever just sat me down at the beginning and said: 
"Look these are some of the traits of what success looks like in a person".  

Trust me this would have saved me tons and tons of valuable time in those days of pure confusion. 

But hey what I have learned can never be taken away from me, knowledge through failure leaves more of a lasting mark which has shaped me not just as a person but as an entrepreneur. 

So what distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from those that fail?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question but the common denominator among successful entrepreneurs is they possess a genuine mentality to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. 
And trust me each journey is different.

You know at an early stage in my life, not too long ago I studied menswear and design and fashion illustration at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. 

Didn't know that did you?

I mention this because I felt in some way that my cynical persona has always drawn to a particular designer named Marc Jacobs and his success story investing himself heavily in fashion design. 
But whether or not I concur with every strategy he took to gain success, it is illogical to dispute the fact that he is a role model to millions of people. 

Jacobs story of how he started off from the bottom to become one of the most sought-after fashion design personalities is a perfect example of an entrepreneurial success story. 

So in this following article, I thought it would be best to highlight a few mentalities of highly successful entrepreneurs and how you can use them to your advantage to see your startup grow.

Are you still with me? Great keep reading...

1. The Mentality of A Revolutionary

“Here is to the revolutionaries. The misfits. The troublemakers. Individuals who perceive things differently. Individuals who break rules and are not coerced by status quo. 

You may disagree with them or quote them or agree with them, but one thing you can not do is snub them. This is because they alter things. 

They push the human race further. And while many may perceive them as the misfits, I see geniuses. Because it is only those individuals who think they are crazy enough to change the world, who actually do it.” - Apple, Inc.

When Steve Jobs was reinstated back to Apple, he orchestrated a campaign dubbed "Think Different". Steve Jobs was not afraid to challenge the status quo. 

To become a successful entrepreneur a person ought to be willing to give themselves permission to disassociate himself or herself from the establishment and pursue new opportunities.

2. The Mentality of An Idealist

There are two kinds of thinking. One kind leads to joy, fulfillment, and success while the other thinking leads to fear, failure, and discontent.  - Micheal Covey 

Covey believes that successful people, whether your business is starting off or you are a C.E.O of a multinational company, tend to be visionary. 

Visions are pure results from our thoughts and as such, visionary people tend to be abundant thinkers. Visionary entrepreneurs are optimistic, confident and appreciative. 

They can easily establish relationships through trust and they aren't afraid to go an extra mile while taking risks with them.

3. The Mentality of A Continuing Learner

Learning plays an instrumental role when it comes to entrepreneurship. As any established entrepreneurs would tell you, there are a number of trials and errors involved when starting off irrespective of how knowledgeable one is regarding the industry he or she has ventured into. 

When it comes to entrepreneurship, most likely you will face your own share of success and failures but your ability and willingness to learn will enhance your chances of success since it will enable you to adapt to changes, as well as getting to know what boosts your business.

Therefore, to become a success story, entrepreneurs have to be committed to continuously learning new tricks and strategies to enhance the operations of their business. It is only in this way you can be able to stay ahead of their competition.

4. The Mentality of A Planner

The business world is always uncertain. What could be the trend today may not appeal to consumers tomorrow. This makes it very difficult to conceptualize and employ the necessary tactics to give your business a competitive advantage. 

But successful entrepreneurs always have to adapt their mentality to always plan as a strategist to keep up with their ever dynamic markets. 

Successful entrepreneurs have to align themselves to overcome the odds by shifting their focus on what is likely to be and understand the use of technology and studying their market trends.
The first step that every entrepreneur should be able to learn is to begin the process by setting aside some time to learn their industry. 

Being able to position yourself as a trusted brand in your market is going to be key to your success.
Always studying your market is going to enable you to be innovative and employ strategies that other competitors are not employing that will create longevity in your business. 

5. The Mentality of A Fighter

In my career, I have missed over 5000 shots. I have lost 300 games and twenty-six times, I have missed the winning shot of the game. I have failed over and over again in my career. And that is why I succeed.’ - Michael Jordan

A fighter is able to embrace conflict and challenge their fears. 
Nothing about entrepreneurship is easy and there is absolutely no glamour struggling to progress an idea from inception into a full-fledged organization. 

This requires a lot of personal commitment and convictions and any creative entrepreneur knows this better.
Any aspiring entrepreneur must first be able to adapt a fighter's mentality; by fighting off their fears and being steadfast in his or her commitment to realize their dreams.

6. The Mentality of A Hustler

Good things happen to those who hustle - Chuck Noll
To become an entrepreneur, you should be a go-getter. You should be able to venture into terrains that no one has ever ventured before. 

You have to invest a considerable amount of time to build your products quality and do whatever you have to do to get your name out there. 

Fortune only favors the prepared and you have to get out of your comfort zone to achieve anything you want!

7. The Mentality of The Problem Solver

The most successful entrepreneurs are driven by the desire of solving a problem. According to statistics, close to 90% of startups fail to reach their 5th anniversary in which business analysts and experts attribute to poor market research. 

Most people rush into business with the sole purpose of generating profit or having an extra source of income without conducting a proper market research to know what people need and require. 
This is what leads to the collapse of a business before it even gives flight. 

An entrepreneur has to first establish what lacks in the market, what consumers are in dire need of and are willing to purchase.

The above 7 mentioned mentalities of highly successful creatives are what separates them from their beginnings. Marc Jacobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, are where they are because of the following mentalities. 

Listen I get it and I'm sure everything that you think of I have or some other entrepreneur has already thought of. But to those that understand this, that is the key. 

You don't have to always invent some new strategy to create success. There are those that have already created a strategy for success that you can follow. 

You have every right to use those strategies and mold them to create what you want in life. 

Do you have all of these mentalities of a successful entrepreneur? I know when I started out I sure didn't. But that's fine and in reality, none of these successful entrepreneurs did either. 

So if you're looking to change your situation in life like I did just click the button below to learn more about my story and how I was able to change my life. Invest in yourself you deserve it as well!