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How To Tell If Your Business Idea Is Worth Pursuing

Gamal AcreeComment
How To Tell If Your Business Idea Is Worth Pursuing

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A spark of inspiration can strike anywhere...

You're minding your own business when "Eureka" the universe bestows the most revolutionary idea ever on you. The sheer force of this epiphany causes you to throw all rational thought out of the window. 

Okay not completely but stick with me here...

The genius of inspiration is a legendary ideal to strive to. We all aim to be the person who can weld powerful ideas into existence using the sheer force of nothing but our minds. 

Oh, just me? 

It can be thought of as a very visionary ideal but ultimately, not all ideas are created equal. A moment of genuine inspiration can truly be the cornerstone of great things. However, it is important to remember that not all ideas are created equal.

An idea popping into your head, giving you that “Eureka” moment, is a far more attractive proposition than brainstorming or polishing an existing concept for days or weeks. But any experienced individual will tell you which of these two alternatives yields better results.

Now I'm not saying "Eureka" moments are bad but, keep reading...

Creativity is an intensely personal concept; Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity said, Charles Mingus

However, there might be deeper flaws in an idea that are not visible at first glance. Herein lies the essence of being thorough and taking your time developing it and improving it, one imperceptible detail after another.

Additionally, we are often blind to the flaws in our own creations due to the sheer amount of emotion invested in its birth. The need to be absolutely objective and unbiased is essential for any creatives success.

Hemingway said something similar in a slightly different way: “Write drunk, but edit sober.”

While your emotions may drive your process of creation, making it unique and personal in ways only you can contemplate, they will only hinder you in the process of objective evaluation. We all love everything we create, but it is equally important to remove all emotion when judging the worthiness of a particular work of art. 

Here are ways to help you achieve just that...

A Pros And Cons List

This seemingly basic productivity trick has outlasted many better-researched methodologies for one simple reason: it just works. If you are still in the ideation phase, fleshing out a basic concept, quickly list out every bit of inspiration. 

Do not interrupt this process; if you are on a roll, immerse yourself in your work. Do not constrain your thoughts or engage with practical considerations yet.

Once this phase is complete and you are exhausted of all possibilities, consider the cons. Now is the time for the constraints, the considerations. Take a break before starting on this part to allow your mind to rest from the intense brainstorming. 

Once refreshed, list any flaws you can find about the idea; become the harshest critic of your work. This list can be further discussed with a focus or mastermind group if necessary.

Create A Focus Group

Focus groups are mathematically proven concepts and are used widely in film and television. Similar principles apply in any field. Remove your own biases by inviting other people to comment and opine on what you have created. 

Not only can you witness first-hand what reactions you can expect from any prospective audience but you can also gain insight into how the audience perceives your work, which can be totally different than what you might have intended initially. 

Ensure that the participants remain anonymous; as Oscar Wilde once said: “Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”

Anonymous responses remove any fear (valid or otherwise) of retribution or pre-set biases from the minds of the participants and yields honest and straightforward answers that are not colored by existing emotions or notions.

Consider Joining A Mastermind Group

As opposed to a focus group where the goal is to gather an appreciation of the expected responses from the target audience, mastermind groups invites criticism from the more logical and practical perspective. 

This is especially important when your work is not a personal project but a business initiative. Collaboration and sharing ideas are essential in a business environment and having your personal work evaluated by your peers can be difficult. 

However, it can help you identify potential flaws that you might have missed and along with good suggestions from other people that can lead to an overall better product in the end.

Try Meditating On Your Idea

This is not a drill. Meditation has been proven to offer significant benefits in the form of increased cognition and mind power. By hitting the reset button on your mind, you can ensure you approach your idea from a brand new perspective unencumbered by preconceived notions or ideas. 

Meditation can also help you drown out unnecessary noise and focus on your personal inner voice. While not every situation can be tackled using this approach, meditation can really work wonders for the entrepreneur.

It is definitely easier if you already meditate regularly, but even for beginners, it can yield super benefits. It may take some practice but try to use meditation to enhance your inner creative voice to clearly focus your mind on your specific conscious idea. 

Again, it is necessary to be objective and not rely too much on genuine inspiration. Meditation can really help in concentrating on the task at hand.

Ask Basic Questions

Put yourself in the shoes of your target customer and ask the most obvious questions possible. You will find that obvious questions don’t often have obvious answers. And herein lie the most effective answers and ideas. 

Ask yourself why you want to explore this idea, what are its redeeming qualities, how is it better than your previous work, etc. If you can provide clear satisfactory answers to these questions, you are on the right track. 

By asking new and challenging questions and forcing yourself to answer them, you can get to the core idea that is encapsulated by layers of complication and emotion. Once you peel back those layers, you can really judge if the idea in question is really worth considering or not.

Accomplished individuals are able to prioritize the ideas worth value from the ones that have little. Learning to use an entrepreneur mentality effectively will have a million different epiphanies and it is up to the objective mind to pick the best and get hard to work on polishing it to perfection. 

So go on, and get started! 

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