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6 Best Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Heart And Become An Entrepreneur

Gamal AcreeComment
6 Best Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Heart And Become An Entrepreneur

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There is a wide variety of factors that can prompt an individual to become an entrepreneur rather than settle for that 9 to 5 job. But first it's important to understand, only you can determine the direction your life eventually follows.

Yes, entrepreneurship does present some significant risks depending on which direction you plan to take. But at the same time, it offers unparalleled freedom along with loads of accountability.

The following are some 6 of the reasons why I became an entrepreneur and why you can also change your life by taking the next steps into a self-employed lifestyle.  

#1. You Never Seem to Get Tired of Learning New Concepts

Quite a number of individuals think that attaining a certain age, status or accomplishments effectively puts a lid on their education. This is a flawed reasoning. Learning is the essence of life.

A good entrepreneur incessantly thirsts for more knowledge. Should you discover that the learning process sparks your fancy. From formal education to hands-on experiences, then you have hit on one of the most critical reasons many gravitate towards entrepreneurship.

Like Michael Gerber asserts, “An entrepreneur can identify viable opportunities wherever they cast their eyes. The true entrepreneur is more interested in assessing opportunities than failing to identify them.” 

#2. You Simply Felt Out of Place in The Corporate Workplace

At a certain point in your career, you may discover you aren’t cut out for working for someone else. In most cases, this can be an overwhelming discovery.

However, if you take the time to reconcile your mentality with the notion of not fitting in, you can be on to a good thing. Steve Jobs once said, As you are growing up many people will offer plenty of advice on just how the world operates, but in most scenarios, you can expand your horizons once you stumble on one fundamental truth.

This is the values you cherish in life were formulated by an individual that may not have shared your level of intelligence.

You can be in a position of influencing and even altering life, and once understand this you can change yours for the better.

#3. You Lean More Towards Nontraditional Ideas

The entrepreneurship lifestyle necessitates a lot of imagination, ingenuity, and to some extent, some level of madness.

These are the individuals that can alter the world. They picture the world as they wish it to be, and not how it actually is. From the Wright Brothers to Steve Jobs and even Bill Gates, all successful entrepreneurs relentlessly follow up ideas, which most others consider to be insane.

Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying, “Logic can take you from place A to place B, but imagination will take you anywhere you wish to go.” 

#4. You Are Always Eager to Achieve New Goals

Paraphrasing what the entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki once asserted, “The main motivation of establishing an organization is for it to have a positive impact.

That is creating a product/service that can make the world a far much better place.” The understanding of the meaning and carrying out work that alters the world is the driving force behind entrepreneurs.

Should you be dissatisfied with a lifestyle where you are always relegated to the sidelines or background, entrepreneurship is certainly the path to follow.

These sets of individuals discover ways through action and exploration. If you are fed up with the status quo, you have hit upon another reason people gravitate towards being entrepreneurs. 

#5. You Constantly Are Dreaming of Changing The World

Mark Twain tried to explain the main appeal behind entrepreneurship in the following words, “20 years from now you will be dissatisfied with the things you never got to accomplish than those you did.”

Therefore get off your comfort zone, and venture into the unknown by exploring, dreaming and discovering. 

#6. You Always Went Against The Flow of The 9 to 5 Lifestyle

There has been a lot of talk about just how an entrepreneur lives a markedly flexible lifestyle. This is definitely true, but you will have to give it your all, and you should never regard it as some kind of shortcut to life.

With that said, you should be prepared to work extra hard. But in the long run, you will be able to obtain a greater level of flexibility than what you would from the conventional 9 to 5 work schedule.

Together with the two weeks vacation that is synonymous with a corporate lifestyle. As the saying goes, entrepreneurship is all about sacrificing a few years of your life and ultimately spending the rest of your life as many people cannot afford to do.

It's a tough process, but it will also present an opportunity to craft your life according to your own inclinations. 

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