Learn How I Went From Working A Dead End Night Shift Job To Only A Few Hours Per Week From My Laptop!


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Just a few months ago I used to work a dead end night shift job that was killing me inside and out.

I'm talking mentally, physically and emotionally. Where did my life go? 

What happened to the person that was so destined for success as an Entrepreneur?

My name is Gamal Acree and I'm about to let you into one of the biggest secrets in my life and about how I hated what I had become.

You know I started off probably just like you. The world was a bit different back then. I thought that going to Art School I was going to come out get a job and live the rest of my life in bliss.

And you know that's exactly how things started. Now it wasn't easy graduating college but I pushed forward and dived head first right into teaching high school art right out of school.

Can you guess how many years I lasted in that field? Take a quick guess... 

If you guessed 3 years you would be correct.

You know I put pride in my mom whos been teaching for over 30 years perfecting her craft but turns out that teaching in a classroom just wasn't for me at all.

So I made a huge sacrifice and put forth a plan. I said I would find a job that would allow me to work at night while creating an online business.

(By the way, I used to have a successful clothing line back in my first start of college making $60k a year before the recession but hey that's another story)

So I did just that! A friend of mine working in property management was able to get me a job working the graveyard shift... 11 PM - 7 AM.

The first 2 weeks were grueling but I adapted to the time change.

But over the next 4 years, I lessoned to every online guru, took almost every online class and started about 4 online businesses which were never made my anything.

Not only did I just waste 4 years out of my life but I probably spent over $15k searching, creating a testing every niche and online business there was.

During this time I gained over 80 pounds, cut off most all my friends and family. Deep inside I just felt like a failure and depression was starting to become a big issue.

But I knew that I had too many people that needed help so I knew I would never give up on myself. I knew that if I was going to invest in anyone I knew it would be myself.

So one raining Tuesday night I got to work and was checking my emails. I noticed that I got an email from my friend Samantha. She seemed like she was doing really well. She had recently quit her job and was traveling, meeting people and eating at amazing restaurants. I wish you could have seen all the photos she sent me in her email.

I remember Samatha hating her job she had been working at for over 12 years. She used to work for the Government as an assistant secretary. Even though she was making good money it was something she made everyone know on her Facebook page.

In her email, she talked about a 21 step system that not only paired her with a coach but provided her with the skills needed to work just a few hours a week and made large commissions.

Not just that but she was backed by a team on the backend that did all the selling for her. All she did was send over the leads.

Thinking to myself as I was reading through her email, I did it all and in the back of my mind, I knew this wasn't going to work for me.

So I called up Sam as soon as I got off from work. I'm actually surprised she even picked her phone up as she was in a different tropical time zone.

But Sam reassured me to stay focused that if this same system could work for her who had no understanding of online marketing or living the whole laptop lifestyle to work from anywhere that she knew I could make it happen.

So I went for it... I mean I had done everything else and this time I wasn't going to let anything stop me from achieving the life that I wanted.

Two months later I completed the steps and implemented everything that I learned to finally make the money I wanted and living the lifestyle I deserve.

I not only have been able to work just a few hours from my mac laptop, but I am finally getting my health back and making up with all the times I missed with my family and friends.

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